Workshops & Training Courses

Develop your practical skills whilst developing a plan for your own business

We teach you how to set the stage for a successful marketing strategy

For marketers or business leaders.  Either separately or together.


Split into half or full day workshops, or weekly training modules

Online via Zoom 

In-person at your premises (London/SE) 

Covent Garden meeting rooms 

Jill Pringle developed The Orchestrate Method to help business owners and marketers to write, develop and conduct an aligned marketing strategy by thinking about it like a musical performance!

She offers the first two steps of this method as highly engaging workshops and training courses – either online or in person. Courses are suitable for in-house marketers or business leaders, and will be tailored appropriately.

Through a series of hands-on, practical exercises – relating to your own business – you will learn why audience definition is so helpful, the questions to ask to define who to target, how to hone-in on what they really want from you, and the steps and structure for composing a compelling value proposition.

The workshops and templates you use on the day, plus your free copy of the book, will give you all you need to build your next marketing plan.

From £495 to £995 + VAT
depending on number of people

Build your confidence with these marketing strategy skills


  • Understanding customer and employee perceptions
  • Recognising the jobs to be done for your clients
  • Competitor alternatives and ‘which me?’
  • Deciding who you will and won’t serve
  • Drawing your ideal customer
  • Business category and what you are
  • What you do and how you do it
  • Key benefits – time, money, emotion
  • Composing your brand’s unique value proposition
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