Get hands-on support to build your end-to-end marketing strategy

Marketing Orchestration Programme

£7995 + VAT

We have capacity to work with 12 coached programme clients per year. 

You will need one person in your organisation focused on marketing execution to get the full value from this programme.
Fee can be paid in 3 instalments.
  • Purpose

    This marketing programme is a cost effective way to support CEOs or MDs and their teams to build a marketing strategy and plan using The Orchestrate Method.

  • Deliverables

    Templates and coaching calls to help you build your value proposition, an orchestrated marketing strategy and a connected sales and marketing plan.

  • How it works

    We work through the first four stages of the Orchestrate Method outlined in The Brand Symphony. Each stage starts and ends with a 60-minute Zoom call that you can record for personal playback. Between those calls you use our templates or exercises to help you build out the relevant deliverables for yourself and with your own team.

    These are reviewed by Jill before the next call, so you can make changes and sign off before moving to the next stage. And of course you can ask specific questions as they come up, and get our advice along the way. A truly practical marketing programme.

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