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We help service businesses focus and orchestrate their brand & marketing strategies

Consulting . Mentoring . Training

We provide the guidance, tools and hands-on support that you and your marketer need to develop a marketing strategy to help you grow.

Using The Orchestrate Method our Consulting, Mentoring or Training is all designed to get you working on the right things, in the right order to develop a marketing strategy that works.

Whether you want to build your brand & marketing strategy yourselves with our guidance, or have us do it for you, we can get your business and marketing goals aligned for success.

Orchestrate Method
The Orchestrate Method

What's Your Song? Your Value Proposition

The key to building a strong brand and a connected marketing strategy is to develop a clear value proposition for a focused audience.

This is your unique song; something your customers care about that everyone in your organisation must learn to play. Like the great composers, you need to orchestrate that song for each part of your organisation by writing the score. And then conduct your team to rehearse and perform it.

Without that score, your marketing activity will have limited impact and your team will continue to need you involved in everything to connect the dots.

The Orchestrate Method: 5 Steps to Success

Let us help you compose & orchestrate your marketing strategy

Jill Pringle Marketing Consultancy


Hands-on development of your value proposition and marketing strategy to help you re-position or refocus your brand.


Weekly support to bridge the gap between your marketing and leadership teams where you don’t have a full-time marketing director.


Workshops and training courses     based on The Orchestrate Method to develop your own strategic marketing skills.

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Download our brochure to learn more about how we can help you write, orchestrate and conduct your marketing like it’s your Brand Symphony.

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