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We help service businesses
focus and orchestrate their brand and marketing strategies

Orchestrate Method

We provide the guidance, tools and hands-on support you and your marketer need to develop a marketing strategy to help you grow.

Using the Orchestrate Method our Workshops, Coached Marketing Orchestration Programmes or Bespoke Consultancy Packages will get you working on the right things, in the right order, to develop a marketing strategy that works.

Take the Scorecard to benchmark your business

1. Audience

People don’t choose the same concerts to go to.

Know your market and perform just for them.


You need a central melody that everyone can hum.

Build a value proposition that focuses your offer.


Everything you do needs to connect to your melody.

Write a marketing strategy that gives people the right part to play.


People need to learn their part and where it fits with others.

Create a customer journey that prepares your team to work together.


Rhythm, harmony and counterpoint move businesses forward.

Align your marketing with your sales pipeline and measure success.

What's your song? Your Value Propostion

The key to building a strong brand and a connected marketing strategy is to develop a clear value proposition for a focused audience.

This is your unique song; something your customers care about that everyone in your organisation must learn to play. Like the great composers, you need to orchestrate that song for each part of your organisation by writing the score. And then conduct your team to rehearse and perform it.

Without that score your marketing activity will have limited impact.
And your team will continue to need you involved in everything to connect the dots.

Take the Scorecard and benchmark your business


Attend a half-day Value Proposition Workshop

Workshops for up to 6 Business Leaders in Central London, led by Jill Pringle. We offer two different workshops, each focusing on a different stage of the Orchestrate Method: one to help you define and focus your target Audience, and another to help you compose a powerful Song – the winning value proposition for your business.

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Buy a Coached Marketing Orchestration Programme

Don’t have a senior marketer? Get expert help to guide you through the process of composing an effective brand & marketing strategy. This programme includes templates, tools and 121 online coaching calls with Jill – who will also review your output at each stage of the Orchestrate Method and give you advice on how to improve it.  This is a cost-effective way to get expert help to build your own marketing strategy.

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Hire Jill Pringle for bespoke marketing consultancy

Need a part-time CMO for 4-6 months to change or improve your marketing strategy? Jill has capacity to run a bespoke marketing consultancy programme for 4 service businesses per year. Together you will write a clear value proposition, an orchestrated marketing strategy, a connected sales and marketing plan and an internal comms programme to launch it. 

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