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Amazon #1 Bestseller by Jill Pringle

"Cleverly blends music and marketing into a powerful brand symphony"

Learn how to orchestrate your brand marketing strategy to scale your service business.

In The Brand Symphony book, Jill Pringle masterfully combines her professional experience in marketing with a lifelong involvement in classical music, to create a compelling branding and marketing model; The Orchestrate Method.

This book is a blend of marketing, branding and business development support for the leaders of established service businesses who are now looking to scale.

You will learn:
  • Why you need a strong performance brand to scale
  • How to overcome the key challenges of scaling
  • The power of an orchestrated approach
  • How to appeal to the right target audience
  • How to tune-up your value proposition
  • How to design a marketing strategy that sings
  • How to ensure everyone on your team is playing their part
  • How to amplify results by rehearsing your strategy first
  • How to deliver a first-rate marketing performance

Most importantly, you will learn how to create a clear brand and conduct a connected marketing strategy to scale your service business.

The Brand Symphony Book is available on Kindle and in Paperback.

The Brand Symphony Book by Jill Pringle 3D

Paperback edition is print on demand and takes just 3-4 days to arrive, not 2-3 months as stated by Amazon! Kindle version downloads immediately. 

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