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Marketing services to help you compose & orchestrate a winning brand marketing strategy

Our marketing services are designed to help CEOs or marketers in small & mid-sized service-led businesses to create and orchestrate marketing strategies that will work in your business.  Ideal if you lead a growing Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Consulting or B2B business. 

Workshops & Training for
CEOs & Marketers

  • Your own workshop or training course led by Jill Pringle to align your marketing and business strategy.
  • Two pre-defined courses based on the first two modules of The Orchestrate Method – building a targeted Audience profile and developing a clear value proposition.
  • Hands-on training - you will work through practical exercises as they relate to your own business.
  • You get a free copy of The Brand Symphony book and templates to use back at the office.
  • Courses are suitable for marketers or business leaders/owners and will be tailored accordingly.

Mentoring for Marketers
& Virtual CMO service

  • Don’t have a marketing director yet? Get expert help to coach your marketer to build an effective brand & marketing strategy.
  • Bridge the gap between the business strategy and your marketing activity, with support for 3-12 months depending on the pace you want to work.
  • Includes access to templates, tools and processes you will need, along with weekly 121 mentor meetings.
  • This is a cost-effective way to get expert help to build your own marketing strategy with plenty of practical support and advice.
  • Typically we'll work 1 day per week with your business. Sometimes this will be on-site, sometimes working remotely.

Brand & Marketing
Strategy Consulting

  • Ideal if you're trying to scale, reposition or refocus your business and your brand.
  • A bespoke marketing strategy consulting project to identify a clear brand position and orchestrate your marketing strategy behind it.
  • We will develop a clear value proposition, an orchestrated marketing strategy, your key messages and an internal comms programme to get your team aligned with your strategy.
  • We hold alignment workshops in your business, speak to customers and staff to build an external view, and check out what your competitors are doing and how you compare.
  • Capacity to undertake consulting projects with 6 businesses per year. You need an in-house marketer to execute ongoing.
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