About Us

We help service businesses focus and orchestrate their brand & marketing strategies

We’re marketing strategy consultants and mentors.

We sell consulting, mentoring and training programmes that help business leaders and marketers to build value propositions and marketing strategies to help them grow.

Typically, our clients are service businesses with at least 10 employees and have at least one in-house marketer to execute their marketing activity but need help aligning that with the business goals.

We’re led by Jill Pringle – an experienced marketing consultant and a classically trained singer.

About Jill Pringle

With over 25 years leading marketing teams in large businesses such as Gartner, Equifax and Thomson Local, Jill has specialised in helping service brands clarify their value propositions and then orchestrate their marketing strategy to deliver on it.

As well as a Masters’ in Marketing, Jill has a Music Degree and has sung in award-winning choirs from the age of 12. This taught her how to plan, rehearse and execute team performance which she now leverages in her approach to building and orchestrating brands.

Jill’s book The Brand Symphony and this business were created to support more brands in using her unique method.

"The purpose of our business is to help ordinary people do extraordinary things, together. We believe there is great value at the intersection of marketing and music.

Together, they enable smaller businesses to build strong service brands that are fun to work in and good to do business with. We help marketers become orchestrators within their businesses and learn how to combine different skills to deliver a slick performance. And we help business leaders conduct their brand symphony."

Jill Pringle

Consulting . Mentoring . Training

If you find it hard to explain what your company does, then you probably need external help to focus your brand and its marketing.  

There are a number of ways we can help, from consulting on a new brand proposition to providing a virtual CMO service that gives you regular support one day per week. Or maybe you want to develop your in-house marketer with some training or mentoring so that they can develop the plan. 

All our services allow you to stay in control as you develop your marketing strategy, whilst getting expert help and a proven methodology to help you.


We help people as well as profits

Brand Symphony Marketing is about building a brand experience, not just short term sales. Our purpose and our values are what guide us. We’re all different people with different skills and these values help us stay in tune.

Play your own part well

Share what you know

Care about the whole performance

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