Reinforce the benefit: end your brand performance with a familiar theme

If you listen to a Beethoven Symphony, you know when you’re getting to the end because the main theme returns and is reinforced over and over again.

In your own marketing, it’s useful to sum up with at least one benefit to client.  What changes for the client when they use your services?  Is something transformed?  What do they gain?  What pain do they lose?

Composers use the last few bars of a piece of music to bring closure.  A piece of music usually starts and ends in the same ‘key’ so wherever it goes in the middle it feels complete at the end; it comes back to where it started.  Beethoven was the all-time master at this.  His symphonies are complex and move through lots of different keys, styles and motifs.  Yet he always ends by repeating the same chord over and over for a good couple of pages.  He’s telling you that’s the end.  You are left with a feeling of satisfaction – that you got to where you needed to be at the end of the musical journey.

You need to do the same with your own song – your value proposition.  End on the biggest benefit.

Benefits usually fall into one of three buckets: time, money or positive emotion.  Your job is to draw the link for your potential customers and show them how what you do delivers them what they want.

People may search for a marketing consultant but they actually want a brand they’re proud of, a team moving in the same direction and, therefore, a business they can grow.  The benefit of working with me is I save them time in getting there without them having to spend money on a big brand agency.  I also simplify what they’re trying to do so it feels easier.  By the end the CEO has more time to focus on meeting customers and driving the business forward because they’re no longer doing a bit of everyone’s job and especially marketing.

Draw a venn diagram with three circles.  Write time, money and emotion in each and then see if you can fill each with how you deliver that benefit. 

  • How does what you do save the client time in the end?  What does it free them up to do? 
  • How does it save them money?  What does it prevent them from wasting money on?
  • And what will feel better?  What could they spend their energy on instead? 

At the centre of your venn write down the most compelling benefit you deliver, and check it against any customer insight you have, with your sales team, and with your customers.

If they agree then make that the final chord of your Brand Symphony.

Jill Pringle is a marketing consultant and published author. She helps service businesses write, orchestrate and conduct their brand and marketing strategies.



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