Physical evidence: a tool for marketing not just for crime scenes!

If you’re reading this blog post then more than likely than not you’re leading or marketing a service business.  If you had a tangible product that was easy to explain or demonstrate visually, it probably wouldn’t be so hard for you to explain it or keep your people on point.  

Just like a musical performance, in a service business the ‘whole experience’ is the product people are buying from you. They take cues from the process they go through, the people they interact with and the physical evidence they get to see or feel.  I often send my book to clients; physical evidence of what I know and do. 

You have to work harder to keep the emotional connection with your clients than you would if your product were always in front of them. Planning the physical evidence of your brand will give your customers a tangible connection to you.

Think about what physical evidence of your value proposition that your clients get today.  It could be your collateral.  It could be a report that shares new insights with them.  It could be you commenting on their social posts.  Charities might send you a cuddly toy animal when you sponsor them, so you connect emotionally with the tiger that you clearly can’t meet!  A training course might give you a branded notebook and pencil, so you connect your own insights with the physical experience of taking notes. 

This is why it’s so important to map out your customer experience end-to-end.  Once you’ve done that you can look at each step and actively choose where and when you can give your customer a connection to something tangible. 

If you’re a criminal, leaving physical evidence behind is a good way to get caught!

If you’re a marketer, you want to hook your customers in. So plan your physical evidence accordingly.



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The music of marketing

I always used to say that I ‘fell’ into marketing.  At school I wanted to be a music teacher.  Music was my ‘best’ subject so


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