Benchmark your marketing. How does your Brand Symphony score?

Every business is different, and so are their branding and marketing strategies. This makes it hard to benchmark what you’re doing and see clearly where your strengths and weaknesses are. That’s why I’ve built a scorecard to help you.

Whilst every client I work for, or business I have worked with has had a different marketing strategy – their own unique musical score if you like – the steps that we go through to build their performance are the same.

The scorecard takes just 7 minutes to complete – to measure and benchmark the essential building blocks of your brand and marketing strategy.  It identifies opportunities to improve your value proposition, marketing plan, customer experience and marketing execution.

Click here to benchmark: https://brand-symphony.scoreapp.com/

Once you have your score, here are a few tips to improve it:

Audience – the degree to which you know your niche market and perform just for them.

It’s important to make sure that your marketing is talking to a specific audience.  Finding your niche is the most powerful way to build and grow your business.  To do that you need insight into the real problems you solve for your customers and the benefits you deliver.

Song – the clarity and consistency with which you describe what you do for customers.

A clear, focused value proposition is central to your marketing strategy. It positions you against other alternatives and it’s clear on the benefits you deliver. Your team should all be able to describe what you do simply and consistently, and the type of work you choose to go after should be aligned with your proposition.

Score – the degree to which your marketing strategy considers your whole organisation.

In a service business it’s important that your marketing strategy doesn’t just consider the promotion of your services. Everything from your products to your people should reinforce your proposition or song and you should plan the key messages that will link your proposition to what your audience and industry media care about.

Rehearse – how well you plan and use your customer journey to align your team.

Having a proposition is one thing.  Using it consistently through your organisation is another. Mapping your customer experience and making sure that your team, and especially your marketer understand it, is critical. Setting targets aligned to your proposition is the best way of ensuring its success.

Perform – what roles, metrics and processes you have to keep your sales & marketing in tune.

The CEO’s role in the performance is to conduct your symphony, not play any of the instruments yourself. Your marketer is your orchestrator in training.  Together you need to work across the organisation to connect your marketing, especially with your sales activities.  Key to this is having the right processes and measures in place and maintaining a regular rhythm – not changing song all the time.

The scorecard is totally free and is in the format of yes/no multiple-choice questions; no need to prepare.

Why wait? Take the scorecard today, benchmark your business and get your brand performing!

The Orchestrate Method is a trademarked set of steps created by Jill Pringle. An experienced CMO turned marketing consultant, Jill combines her professional skills in strategic marketing with a lifelong involvement in classical music to help service-led businesses scale with a clear value proposition and marketing strategy. Jill is the Author of The Brand Symphony book available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.




We help service businesses focus and orchestrate their brand and marketing strategies as well as providing workshops, coached marketing orchestration programmes and 121 consulting.

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