A key part of a marketer’s role is to run  marketing campaigns and advertise your brand’s performance.  If your marketer has been involved in the proposition development process, it will be much easier for them to do this. 

Why is that important?  So they will know the story.  They will know where to find case studies or stats to back up that story.  They will know the relevant market issues to comment on.  They will be confident that the story they are telling outside your organisation actually matches what the customer will experience when they contact you.

If you’re managing a marketer there are five questions you should be asking yourself (and them) to check if your marketing campaigns are in tune with your value proposition (your organisation’s song):

  1. Who are they talking to?  Does the copy address that person? Never at them or in the third person (only politicians do this…they say things like “mistakes happened” not “I made a mistake”)
  2. Are they articulating the key benefits of what you do and only the 2-3 most interesting features?  Don’t let them (or ask them) try to explain everything in detail. Consistency and simplicity engage.
  3. Good design helps communicate things but as a design friend of mine always reminds me, form has to follow function.  If you can’t read it then it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, people won’t get the message!
  4. Is it amplifying?  Does the campaign link to something bigger?  Do you commentate on the issues that are important to your customers and also relevant to your value proposition? (Remember the tuning fork?).  It’s best to champion 3-5 key issues, causes or trends rather than twenty.  You want to be ‘the people that stand for this thing’, rather than the people that stand for everything (the latter will just make you sound like a politician – sitting on the fence!).
  5. Have you joined the campaign dots together and is there a clear have a call to action for the next step?  To ask someone who doesn’t know you to go from reading your blog to buying your service is totally unrealistic.  You need to take them through a journey of knowing and trusting you first.

If your current marketer aspires to be a marketing strategist and director in the future, experiencing all of this needs to be in their development plan.  Until you have a marketing director it’s your job as CEO or business leader to make sure that they do get that experience.

They’re your chief marketing orchestrator in training.



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The music of marketing

I always used to say that I ‘fell’ into marketing.  At school I wanted to be a music teacher.  Music was my ‘best’ subject so


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