Saas: Software or Service? Applying the Brand Symphony to Tech.

Technology is now central to our way of life and so many startups have, at their core, a cool piece of technology. And yet the way we consume and evaluate that technology is on how it serves us. The software is an enabler – it’s a means to the end problem we want solved.  Is this the same for your SaaS business?

I’ve worked in some very large, global organisations who have had technology solutions at their core, and yet the service that is provided by human consultants, or even through user guides and online help portals, is often the part that’s most valued by customers. And yet it’s easy to forget – to think of these things as the free ‘add-ons’ to the SaaS license – and under-invest in them; perhaps paying little attention to how these services sound when part of the whole performance.

Brands that do this miss a trick – instead of amplifying their brilliant new technology – they create dissonance with what happens around it. Which makes scaling the business both harder and more painful than it needs to be.

Your brand is other people’s perception of everything you do. The whole performance.  

Imagine going to an orchestral concert. It’s not just about the notes on the page or even the symphony orchestra on stage. From the minute someone sees the concert advertised, their interaction to buy the tickets, the tickets being received, their arrival at the concert hall, their seat, their programme, their interval drink, how you as the players walk on stage, what you’re all wearing, how the players relate to the conductor and therefore appear and sounds as one, what you play, how well you play, how you take your applause, the chatter as people leave the auditorium, the thank you follow-up email and social posts. It all constitutes to the performance that you either recommend to others, or don’t.

What’s the equivalent in your SaaS business?  Do your software and your service work together to amplify what you do – your Brand Symphony. Or do they sound like a range of competing instruments that never quite come together?

Your brand exists in the mind of your potential and existing customers. You can’t control it – you can only influence it by what you do. And that’s everything you do – not just the fun, cool, whizzy tech you’ve invented.

Market like a musician: it’s not about the notes – it’s about the whole SaaS performance.

Make 2020 the year that your #BrandSymphony gets a standing ovation.  I can help you – with workshops, coached programmes or 121 consultancy.  I’m booking for January/February now so get in touch via my website or on LinkedIn.




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