Changing the Game with Marketing Orchestration

One of the huge benefits of speaking at #b2bGameChangers this week, was the chance to learn so much from the other speakers.  So many great insights from talented leaders at the top of their game.  Sadly, writing about it all would be too long to read, so here are my top 7 quotes and thoughts from the day:

  1. “As marketers we are all looking for simplicity” Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate

This has always been so for me. In this context Jeremy was talking about the complexity that the ever-growing MarTech stack can create for marketers who need to orchestrate revenue generation.  I also see the need for simplicity in my value proposition work – where in essence we’re trying to simplify a complex set of features down into a very focused song that uses simple language everyone can hear.  Simple is accessible.

I remember a peer on one Exec team telling me that they saw me as a business leader with a marketing bent, not a marketer.  At the time I felt a bit wounded but looking back it was probably a vote of confidence.  Carrie’s story was totally inspiring and she’s doing amazing things with her brand. She offered great career advice too; find the finance person and get them to tutor you; only work for good humans; and be brave enough to own your ideas.

A golden nugget in Adam’s presentation where he told the all-too familiar tale of marketing creating leads that sales don’t buy into (especially from digital channels).  His advice – stop sending them the spreadsheet or stats; tell them the story behind the 5 best leads instead.  Paint the picture of why this customer has engaged and what they want to buy and the sales team will mine the rest of the leads for more nuggets.

So much of marketing is based on and understanding of psychology so it’s always good to understand more about how the human brain really works.  This quote really resonated with me.  I’ve seen first-hand how organisational visions, missions and value propositions can fail to perform because employees couldn’t connect them to their day job.  The problem we need to solve for people who work for us is “why do I do what I do and where do I fit”.

There were so many great, punchy quotes from Jamie it was hard to pick one.  This resonated with my experience of product and platform management. If you’re investing too much resource in tweaking and cleaning what you already have to be able to focus on where you’re going, then maybe, just maybe, it’s not as valuable to you as you think.  Stop hoarding and start creating the change you need.

Hallelujah!  This was in answer to Mark Tack’s question “what does Marketing Orchestration mean to you. There are many things to orchestrate as a marketer but having a single, clear song that your audience can hear and understand is one of the most critical.  All too often demand gen campaigns don’t enhance the song – they add more – and I wonder what our customers hear when we do that?

We orchestrate music to create a whole performance. Marketing is just the same, but it’s easily forgotten.  When asked about brand vs. demand, Colleen’s tip was to start with the end in mind and see it as brand to demand.  Both are equally important because “people don’t buy from people they don’t know”.  You have to orchestrate both together. As I say in my book The Brand Symphony – it’s not about the notes, it’s about the performance.

GSuch an inspiring event learning from game changing marketing leaders. If this is the era of marketing orchestration, it’s music to my ears.




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