From cacophony to brand symphony: Ignite 2019

It’s always a pleasure to attend B2B Marketing Ignite and this year I was especially thrilled to have the chance to take to the brand stage myself. I’m a marketer and a classically trained singer, and I believe a brand is a performance that people contribute to day in, day out.

So this week I posed the question to a room full of marketers at Ignite B2B: what if you thought more like a musician? You need to compose your value proposition as a number 1 hit song and orchestrate your brand like Beethoven would a symphony.

I believe that a value proposition can be a fantastic tool to unite employees – much more so than a vision or mission. But unless it’s focused with a true understanding of the real problem you solve for customers, and orchestrated and rehearsed across your business, you won’t realise its true value and make your brand sing.

The five mistakes to watch out for are:

  1. You sing the wrong song because you haven’t really understood the value customers want.
  2. You don’t work your stakeholders and agree focus – so you sing too many tunes at once and create cacophony.
  3. You mistake a jingle or tagline for a value proposition and you don’t build a score to tell everyone which part to play when.
  4. You don’t invest time rehearsing and building a customer journey map so everyone can understand how it sounds as a whole performance.
  5. You never perform your symphony or you’re put off by a couple of audience or team members who boo not bravo, and you give up too soon.

To help you do that I’ll be launching Brand Symphony Marketing later this year.  You can benchmark where you’re at now by completing the scorecard and pre-ordering the book. 

Then compose and orchestrate a Brand Symphony that your organisation really wants to sing.

If you want to download a PDF of my slides from IgniteB2B then you can do so here.  Please be aware that it’s a 7MB file so so you might want to wait until you’re on a desktop on wifi.

Photographs courtesy of unsplash, photodeposit and brand design by OceanBarefoot.com.



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