Brand Consistency – extemporise not improvise

In my grade 8 music exams, I remember having to choose whether to extemporise around a given theme or improvise something from scratch.  I chose to extemporise around the script, so maybe my subconscious was already in training for a career building brand consistency.

When you’re rolling out a new value proposition, embedding brand consistency is key.  You need to plan this into every touch point – sales, marketing, customer service – and into your product features.  By far your biggest asset for brand consistency is your team.  Do all employees describe what you do consistently and does their behaviour back that up?

Taking time to launch your value proposition fully to employees is important.  As well as sharing the thinking behind your proposition – what you do, why you do it and how you do it differently – you also need to build in time and practical exercises that allow people to extemporise around the theme for themselves.

Brand consistency doesn’t mean robots chanting a script (we’ve all had that bad call-centre experience where you’re not allowed to say hello for over a minute until they’ve made it through the entire welcome script…)  Whilst everyone needs to know the ‘elevator pitch and the common language you want to use, you should encourage your team to practise how they will speak these in a way that’s authentic to their own personality and style to feel natural.  And to extemporise based on the role they play – to be clear how their function delivers value to your proposition and play that back to you upfront so you can check it joins up.

Just like equality doesn’t mean treating everyone as if they’re exactly the same person, brand consistency doesn’t mean everyone spouts the exact same words in the exact same way.

Unless of course your value proposition is to be a robot.




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