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The Brand Symphony™ Book: Amazon #1 Bestseller by Jill Pringle

A book about how to orchestrate your marketing strategy to help your brand grow.

"Cleverly blends music and marketing into a powerful brand symphony"

In this book, Jill Pringle masterfully combines her professional experience in marketing with a lifelong involvement in classical music, to create a compelling branding and marketing model; The Orchestrate Method™.

This book is a blend of marketing, branding and business development support for the leaders or marketers of service-led businesses.

You will learn:
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The Brand Symphony Book is available on Kindle and in Paperback

Orchestrate Method

The Orchestrate Method™

The key to building a strong brand and a connected marketing strategy is to develop a clear value proposition for a focused audience.

This is your unique song; something your customers care about that everyone in your organisation must learn to play. Like the great composers, you need to orchestrate that song for each part of your organisation by writing the score. And then conduct your team to rehearse and perform it.

Without that score, your marketing activity will have limited impact and your team will continue to need you involved in everything to connect the dots.

About Jill Pringle - freelance contract/consulting

Jill Pringle is a highly experienced brand marketer who has led marketing teams in large businesses such as Gartner, Equifax and Thomson Local, as well as smaller boutique businesses or charities across a very broad range of sectors. She has specialised in helping service-led brands clarify their value propositions and then orchestrate their marketing strategy to deliver on it.

As well as being a Fellow of the CIM, Chartered Marketer and holding a Masters’ in Marketing, Jill has a Music degree and has sung in award-winning choirs from the age of 12. This taught her how to plan, rehearse and execute team performance which she now leverages in her approach to marketing.

Jill’s marketing strategy and execution work in charities includes the Samaritans, Royal Horticultural Society, The Bach Choir and Philharmonia Orchestra. She is a member of Charity Comms and able to fulfil interim contract roles or freelance consulting projects.

“I believe that there's great power at the intersection of music and marketing. Both are focused on understanding an audience's needs and collaborating with others to do meet them”.

Jill Pringle

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Jill is now a freelance consultant or interim marketer, for charity or service businesses.

Connect with Jill via LinkedIn here or email her at hello@brandsymphonymarketing.com.

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Jill has written a broad range of articles on marketing topics. You can read many of these on her LinkedIn profile here or go direct via a quick link to one of these four articles:

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